15 Mar

Could Your Sidewalk Become a Legal Issue?

sidewalkIt’s probably not the first thing you think about in the morning, but that cracked and crumbling sidewalk outside of your house could become a legal issue if it continues to sit in disrepair. If a pedestrian trips, slips, or falls and hurts himself on your portion of the sidewalk, it could become your liability issue in a personal injury lawsuit. It may sound unlikely, but crazier things have happened. After reading this, you may want to call up a concrete company and begin those repairs.

Depending on where you live, the sidewalk in front of your house could be private or public property. Most public sidewalks connect residential houses from public streets, while most private sidewalks are located within communities and neighborhoods on residential streets. Local laws define sidewalk maintenance rules, so you probably want to learn your local regulations if you haven’t already. Read More