20 Dec

Concrete Will Play a Leading Role New Year’s Eve

How Concrete Will Play a Leading Role in New Year's Eve 2022

How Concrete Will Play a Leading Role in New Year’s Eve 2022

As New Year’s Eve approaches, concrete will play a leading role as cities planned how to keep large crowds of revelers safe. Moscow, London, New York City, and many other popular locations were protected not just with armed police patrols, but also with blocks.

Berlin Attack Leaves the World in Fear

When a large tractor trailer drove full speed into a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany in December, the entire world was left in shock at yet another terror attack that major intelligence agencies and border control agencies failed to recognize and prevent. The same tactic was used in France to kill unsuspecting and innocent people celebrating Bastille Day on Nice’s seafront promenade. Now, after two awful tragedies in Europe, cities around the world are preparing for the worst to keep New Year’s crowds safe from any such attack efforts.

There isn’t much that can stop a truck driving full speed ahead, but concrete comes close thanks to its incredible durability and strength. It is for this reason that cities like Moscow, London, and New York City are all placing concrete barriers as extra security measures around the perimeters of large crowd gatherings.

As Mayor Khan of London explained, “Our police and security services do an amazing job learning the lessons from some horrific incidents in other cities around the world. We adapt to make sure we preserve our way of life but keep our citizens and those visiting safe. We’ve got to make sure we don’t allow terrorists or people who want to destroy our way of life to stop us enjoying what’s going to be a great night.”

The Strength of Concrete

Concrete is so useful for these types of security measures because it is affordable yet strong. Over the last 40 years, experts have developed specific high strength concrete that has been used in Seattle, Washington to build with a compressive strength of 19,000 psi. It is fortunate that security teams in cities around the world can utilize this type of concrete to prevent horrible terror attacks during holiday festivities.

10 Dec

How to Protect Your Concrete This Winter

How to Protect Your Concrete This Winter

How to Protect Your Concrete This Winter

The winter season can be brutal in many ways, including on your concrete driveway and sidewalk. When the temperatures are below freezing and Mother Nature has just dropped another eight inches of snow over your town, you may be tempted to use rock salt to battle snow and ice accumulation. After all, you still need to be able to get to work without driving along an ice skating rink! But it turns out that rock salt can severely damage your concrete, so steer clear of it and utilize a more natural alternative like sand. Read More