20 Apr

Why You Need to Sealcoat Your Parking Lots

Running a business involves a seemingly infinite number of responsibilities, from marketing and payroll to inventory and customer service. Just don’t forget that while you take care of the inside of your business, you also need to remember the exterior of your business, specifically the parking lot. Your company’s parking lot is the place where customers and employees alike will park and walk into your location. Much like a home’s driveway, your store’s parking lot makes a statement about your business and can influence, for better or for worse, the first impression of your visitors. Read More

10 Apr

Elements of a Great Driveway Design

Your driveway makes a major statement about your property and plays a significant role in the first impression that visitors will make of your home. Even the most beautiful home can be undercut by a shoddily produced driveway. Whether you are building a new house or planning renovations to your current property, these driveway design ideas can help you build a driveway that complements your house while remaining durable and functional. Read More