20 May

Protecting Your Asphalt from Summer Sun Damage

Your skin actually isn’t the only thing vulnerable to damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays. Believe it or not, your asphalt driveway can also suffer damage due to the sun’s strength in the summer. From cracking and potholes to fading, there are many ways that the sun might hurt your driveway, but there are also simple protective measures you can take to ensure your driveway still looks and functions great when autumn rolls around. Read More

10 May

What is Your Asphalt Driveway Trying to Say?

Black asphalt is one of the most trusted and highly utilized paving materials across the country, which is why you can find it everywhere from driveways to parking lots and roads. Asphalt offers many important benefits like durability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean that asphalt lasts forever in perfect condition. As summer arrives in full force, it’s important for you to carefully evaluate your asphalt and identify which maintenance steps you need to take to help your driveway look like new. Read More