20 Oct

Pavers Vs. Concrete Slabs: Best for Project


Pavers Vs. Concrete Slabs: How To Decide Which Is Best for Your Project

When you want to spruce up your driveway, backyard paths, or garden paths, you might want to think twice about using concrete slabs. Although they can be cheaper to install, they have some down sides that should be considered. Pavers could be a much better option for your landscaping. Here is what you should consider when making your decision.

Concrete Slabs Vs. Pavers: How To Decide Which Is Best for Your Project

Maintenance over time

Concrete is pretty durable, but it does have some drawbacks. Larger concrete slabs don’t have the ability to shift and move with the earth. With each passing season, each temperature change, each weather event, the earth beneath and around that concrete changes ever so slightly. Over time, that means the concrete can crack and break. 

If you get concrete pavers instead, they are going to be much smaller and fit together in such a way that they can move with the ground instead of cracking.

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10 Oct

Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?


Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?

In the new world of Do-It-Yourselfers watching YouTube videos and seemingly getting great results, it’s easy to question whether or not you really need to hire a paving contractor for your driveway or parking lot. But going DIY has a lot of potential for disaster, and hiring a contractor comes with certain protections. Here’s why you should hire a paving contractor instead of doing it yourself.

Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?

Mistakes can be costly.

If you make a mistake in pouring concrete, setting pavers, or laying asphalt, it could be pretty expensive to repair. In fact, you could have to start over, paying not only for your installation but a professional one as well. If a paving contractor does the job and a mistake is made, our work is guaranteed.

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