20 Jul

Popular Concrete Patio Ideas

Popular Concrete Patio IdeasPopular Concrete Patio Ideas

The days of a concrete patio being nothing more than a dull gray slab are over. Modern concrete patios come in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes. It is now possible to turn your concrete patio ideas into stylish looks with maximum functionality. Here in Seattle, outdoor patios can look great while still standing up to freezing temps, heavy rain, and wild temperature fluctuations. Check out all the options to turn your concrete patio ideas from drab to fab:

  • Stamping

Stamping is a texturing technique that gives concrete the appearance of stone, brick, tile, or wood. Precise lines are imprinted into the concrete’s surface and then the stain is added to contrast against the color of the raised concrete surface. Raised concrete can be stained in a variety of colors to achieve the desired look. Stamping is often combined with other finishing techniques. Read More

10 Jul

How Summer Heat Affects My Parking Lot

How Summer Heat Affects My Parking Lot?How Summer Heat Affects My Parking Lot

The summer sun beats down on everything, including parking lots. The asphalt is just no match for the sun’s brutal rays, and without proper care, the summer heat will eventually destroy it. Just some of the problems you may experience during hotter months include:

  • Cracks

One of the most common asphalt problems due to heat are cracks, which eventually turn into potholes. Cracking is more prominent on older surfaces, but even new asphalt can fall victim to cracking with prolonged heat exposure. Sealcoating on schedule is the best way to prevent cracks from forming. Once the crack starts and water begins to seep in, you’ve got an inevitable pothole on the way. Read More