8 Ways of Maintaining Your Asphalt Parking Lot

parkingHaving a perfect parking lot will make sure that your business will be able to keep the customers happy. Every business owner needs to know how to maintain the parking lot to remain in good condition. You can ensure that your asphalt parking lot will always be in good condition with proper maintenance. Here are some of the ways of maintaining your asphalt parking lot.

1. Cleaning the Surfaces

You need to ensure that all parts are clean and free from any debris. This will prevent hazards for the people who are using it. For example, if there happens to be bird poop on top of your parking lot, it would be best for you to eliminate it. It is also important that you make sure that you clean all surfaces around as well. This will prevent any dirt or debris. It is also important to ensure that you check everything in your garage before use. This includes the drain lines and other pipes in the garage.

2. Sealcoat Your Parking Space

If you want to maintain your asphalt parking lot, you need to seal It. A sealcoat will keep the surface from cracking or deteriorating. If you want to ensure that your  lot has a good long life, seal the surface completely. It is also important to make sure you apply the sealcoat correctly to prevent any damage to the surface.

3. Repairing Cracks and Potholes

Potholes and cracks cause a lot of damage. The only way to prevent this from happening is to prevent them from forming in the first place. You can do this by using an asphalt sealcoat which helps to prevent these issues from occurring.

If potholes or cracks form ensure you repair them immediately. If you wait too long, the cracks or potholes can become bigger and more difficult to repair. You should also ensure you take steps to prevent any future damage to your parking lot.

4. Restrict Heavy Vehicles

Heavy vehicles such as semi-trucks and large trucks can cause damage to your asphalt parking lot. This is because the weight of these vehicles flexes the surface of your parking lot. This can lead to cracks on your asphalt surface. You can prevent this by having measures that prevent heavy vehicles from entering your lot.

You can also use a concrete barrier to prevent heavy vehicles from accessing your lot in the first place. This will not only help you prevent damage but will also provide you with more space.

5. Drain Water

It is also important to ensure your parking lot is not flooding. This can happen due to heavy rainfall or snowfall. If you have flooding the water can seep into the cracks and potholes on the surface. This can cause further damage and may even lead to the formation of a new crack or pothole.

To prevent this, ensure you drain water from your asphalt parking lot as soon as possible after heavy rainfall or snowfall. You should also clear any ice from the surface of your lot before it melts.

6. Use Salt

It is also important to use salt to prevent ice from forming on your lot during winter. You should apply at least three to five pounds of salt per linear foot of your parking lot.

If you use a bagged salt, ensure that you melt and mix the product before applying it to your asphalt parking lot.

7. Repainting

If rain or heavy vehicles damage your asphalt, it may be time for repainting the surface. You can easily do this with simple materials available at any paint shop or hardware store. You can find everything you need at most hardware stores, including tarps, rollers, brushes, and paint.

8. Install A Snow Removal System

Installing a snow removal system can help prevent ice from forming on your surface during the winter months. You can do this by installing a snowplow or blower onto an existing tractor-trailer or truck that you already own. If you cannot install this system on your own, try calling in professionals to install it for you.

Contact the Experts

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