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Concrete PavingOf the countless man-made products in use around the world, concrete is the most widely utilized material. Everything from airport runways and highways to driveways and sidewalks are able to meet the needs of our vehicles and feet thanks to the durability and reliability of concrete. At Jireh Construction in Seattle, Washington, we have more than a decade of experience in concrete paving and know the very best techniques and strategies that will deliver long-lasting concrete paving results.

We Start With the Foundation

So much of concrete paving is dependent upon the base underneath of the concrete, which is why the experts at Jireh Construction work diligently to build a sturdy foundation that will support concrete surfaces for many years to come. We first examine the ground soil in order to select the best type of rock to form the base. If the soil under the surface is loose and sandy, it needs to be adjusted with gravel and clay in order to remain firm. Most moderate commercial applications require a 2” sub-base of compacted crushed rock.

Pouring and Curing Concrete

Once the sub-base has been established, the technicians at Jireh Construction then assess the appropriate depth of the concrete pour. This will fluctuate based on the product being created; a driveway, for example, needs at least six inches of concrete depth, while a residential walkway only needs four inches to be safe.

Temperature plays a major role in concrete paving, so your Jireh team will select a day when the weather forecast indicates that extremely hot or cold weather won’t threaten the integrity of the concrete curing process. If it is too hot outside, the fresh concrete will lose too much water through evaporation, but on very cold days not enough moisture can escape. During the proper weather conditions, concrete can cure as a chemical reaction occurs between the cement and water to increase strength and resilience.

The professional and high-quality concrete paving services offered by Jireh Construction can accommodate all concrete needs, from large weight-bearing roads to small residential pathways and patios. Call us today to learn more!

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