Crack Filling

Seattle Asphalt Crack Filling Services

Asphalt is an excellent paving material, but like any other surface it requires maintenance to remain in optimal condition. Given the unsightly and damaging nature of asphalt cracks, asphalt filling is one such maintenance service that is vital to extend the life and durability of any asphalt surface. Jireh Construction is Seattle, Washington’s leader in asphalt paving and repair, so you can trust us to provide filling services that keep your asphalt looking and functioning like new.

How Does Crack Filling Work?

Most asphalt cracks form during the winter when precipitation repeatedly freezes and thaws. Though it might look small and benign at first, it allows moisture to penetrate into the asphalt and make it larger. Over time, it will become filled with dirt, debris, and weeds. Jireh Construction’s crack filling services tackle each of these problems separately in order to remediate the crack and restore full function to the asphalt.

First, we use a variety of tools like wire brooms, blowers, and specialized bristle heads to clear all the weeds, debris, and other materials. One the space is thoroughly cleaned, we carefully fill with a rubberized crack filler that bonds with the asphalt and creates a smooth, impenetrable surface. Once the rubber cools and hardens inside the asphalt once again becomes protected from the invasion of moisture and other unwanted elements.

Benefits of Asphalt Crack Filling

The benefits of asphalt filling from Jireh Construction shouldn’t be underestimated. First and foremost, regular filling ensures that your asphalt remains strong and durable, which saves you money by elongating the life of your asphalt surface. In addition, seeking asphalt filling services from Jireh Construction keeps your pavement looking attractive, which in turn boosts your home’s curb appeal and your company’s brand image. Without filling, your asphalt will eventually morph into a puzzle of zigzagging, filled with weeds and dirt, and you will eventually be forced to remove the entire surface and rebuild it.

Asphalt crack filling is the perfect service to utilize before sealcoating your asphalt, so call Jireh Construction today to learn more about giving your asphalt surface some well-deserved TLC.

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