19 Nov

Decorative Concrete for Driveway Facelift

Use Decorative Concrete to Give Your Driveway a FaceliftUse Decorative Concrete to Give Your Driveway a Facelift


Asphalt and concrete are the most commonly used materials when building a driveway because they are cost-efficient, durable, and attractive. While both are reliable choices, concrete actually offers a host of decorative options to transform your run-of-the-mill driveway into a gorgeous statement of your style and personality.

Stamped concrete, the process of imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete instead of using pavers or natural stone, is a very popular trend right now in driveway, patio, walkway, and pool deck construction thanks to its many perks and variations!

Affordability: Rather than paying for loads of stone, brick, or other pavers, concrete is extremely affordable and provides you with a way to give your home a very stylish design without emptying your wallet.

Less Maintenance: Since stamped concrete is one large piece, rather than small connected pieces of pavers, you don’t need to watch for weed growth. This material can also last beautifully for decades because it is crack-resistant and durable!

Unlimited Design Options: You can create your concrete to look like any natural material you want! Stone patterns like slate and fieldstone are popular choices, along with brick and cobblestone. The stamping mats used to create the designs are actually molded from the true materials, so your concrete will look so real that guests won’t even know the difference.

Flexibility: If you have existing concrete but want to upgrade to a stamped variety, you can use the same process of overlay that asphalt driveways utilize. A professional team can install a stamped overlay on your current concrete to give you the same look as traditional stamped concrete.

Though you might be tempted to put on your DIY hat for this project, it’s very complex and the materials needed to complete the stamping are quite costly. If you’re interested in taking advantage of a beautiful stamped concrete design, it’s best to call in the professionals. You’ll save a great deal of time and money while knowing that your project will turn out perfectly.

8 thoughts on “Decorative Concrete for Driveway Facelift

  1. Thanks for the advice on what material to use for my driveway. I love the look of stamped concrete, so I'm glad to hear that it is so affordable! I can't wait to look at the options and choose the design I like the best. I want something that will have a strong impact, but still match the design style of my house.
  2. This is a really great tip for anyone looking to renovate in a big way, without breaking the bank. I never knew that stamped concrete wasn't susceptible to weed growth, as well as crack resistant. It's also good to know that it can be overlaid like asphalt, so you don't always have to tear out the old driveway. Thanks so much for writing!
  3. I'll have to ask my concrete service about decorative concrete like you've mentioned. I like how you mentioned that stamped concrete has the benefit of less maintenance. I like the idea of flexibility for the concrete as well.
  4. Thanks for explaining the benefits of using decorative concrete! I never really knew that this was even an option, but it is really cool. I am thinking about adding a concrete walkway and I will definitely look adding a decorative touch. I love that it can be cost effective and be less maintenance. Thanks for the info!
  5. I love the idea that decorative concrete is all one piece because the idea of weeding in between the pieces sounds like a nightmare. My parents are redoing our drive way soon. I'll let them know just how awesome this material is for a driveway. I hope they see how awesome it is and then we'll call the concrete pavers, thanks!
  6. I know I haven't heard of decorative concrete until recently, but the idea is really intriguing! For one its basically just normal concrete so it will be relatively cheap compared to other materials. I also love how easy it is to upgrade from normal concrete to decorative, just a simple layer over the old! Thanks for these awesome tips and information!
  7. Do you have to talk to a special kind of concrete contractor in order to do the decorative concrete? I know it is basically the same thing, but sometimes they have changes in the color and texture. I will have to see when I call the contractor and ask about what kinds of concrete that they do.
  8. It is amazing to see what we can do with concrete now days. Being able to make concrete look a certain to fit the overall style of a home is so cool. I'm grateful for concrete companies and all that they do to things like this.

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