Don’t Ignore Warning Signs from Your Driveway

Warning Signs from Your Driveway

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs from Your Driveway

When your stomach begins to grumble, you know your body is telling you to eat. When your brakes start to screech at every red light, you know your car is telling you it’s time for new brakes. But do you listen as carefully to the signs that your driveway sends you? If you pay close attention, you will notice certain signs and symptoms that indicate exactly what type of attention your driveway needs to continue looking its best.

Fading Color

Asphalt is meant to look bold and black, but time wears away at that fresh color and leaves a lackluster gray surface instead. If your driveway is looking noticeably faded, it’s time for sealcoating. Fortunately, faded asphalt isn’t a sign of a performance issue. It’s merely a cosmetic issue that can be easily fixed. Sealcoating is the process of adding a layer to the top of your existing driveway. This layer restores the jet-black color and helps protect your driveway. Expect this maintenance to be required every three to seven years, based on the traffic level on your driveway.

Crumbling Edges

We’ve all seen driveways that look a little rougher for the wear, especially at the edges where the asphalt is essentially falling apart. The message your driveway is sending here? It’s too thin. Thin asphalt doesn’t have the strength to survive the weight of cars, so it breaks into chunks when vehicles drive over it. Fortunately, this is only an aesthetic problem, because it will not negatively impact the structure of the main driveway. Many homeowners tackle this problem by installing brick or stamped concrete along the edge instead.

Linear Cracks

Hairline cracks are impossible to avoid altogether in asphalt driveways, but clearly defined linear cracks are more concerning. Wide and deep cracks can lead to major problems down the road, because dirt and water can easily enter the cracks and cause them to grow. Don’t ignore these cracks. Instead, hire a professional to clean and fill them. This process will preserve the structure and integrity of your driveway.

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