Effects on Your Asphalt Driveway in the Summer

Asphalt Driveway in the Summer

Asphalt Driveway in the Summer

The summer sun reaches far and wide, even in the state of Washington. In addition to your skin, your asphalt driveway is actually at risk of damage from the sun’s intense UV rays. Cracking, potholes, and fading color are just three of the common consequences of sun exposure on asphalt. Fortunately, there are also simple protective measures you can take to ensure your driveway stays protected during the summer and is still in great shape by the fall.

How Does the Sun Impact Asphalt?

Your asphalt driveway is not impervious to heat, so as the temperature rises in the summer,  your driveway heats up as well. Hot asphalt tends to soften slightly, which means it can incur damage much easier. Soft asphalt can be scratched, punctured, sunk, and broken without much effort, which means that heavy vehicle traffic, the use of jacks and tools, and other pressure can cause damage to develop.

Protecting Your Asphalt From the Sun

The first way to protect your driveway is to remain on alert for damage and repair it right away. If you detect a crack or hole, fill it immediately to prevent the damage from spreading. You might be tempted to ignore a crack or hole until next summer, but by then the winter snow and ice and spring rain will have already taken one small imperfection and made it infinitely worse (and more expensive).

You can also battle the effects of the sun by hiring a professional asphalt company like Jireh Construction to seal your driveway. This process, known as sealcoating, is an incredibly valuable cosmetic driveway treatment that provides a buffer between your asphalt and the many elements constantly placing pressure on your driveway. The sealcoating will keep your asphalt shielded from heat and UV rays while also covering small cracks and improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

To make sure your asphalt driveway is primed and ready to handle the summer heat, give Jireh Construction a call at (425) 678-3632 for a free quote. With the help of the experts at Jireh Construction, you can preserve the appearance and function of your driveway for many summers to come.