Elements of a Great Driveway Design

Elements of a Great Driveway Design

Elements of a Great Driveway Design

Your driveway makes a major statement about your property and plays a significant role in the first impression that visitors will make of your home. Even the most beautiful home can be undercut by a shoddily produced driveway. Whether you are building a new house or planning renovations to your current property, these design ideas can help you build a driveway that complements your house while remaining durable and functional.

Accommodate Surrounding Style

Your driveway will look most attractive when it is designed with the surrounding landscape and architecture in mind. For example, some homes are wide, sprawling, and elegant, which offers the perfect opportunity to build a circular one with a fountain or eye-catching flower bed in the middle. Other homes have a two- or three-car garage expanding from the left or right side, making a double driveway the preferred style. By keeping the style of your home in mind, you can craft one that fills the space perfectly.

Remember Walk-About Space

A driveway isn’t just meant to hold cars. You also need to design one that offers enough room to be accommodating and functional for walking, unloading groceries, opening car doors, and even playing. The best way to accomplish this is to leave a minimum of two feet of space on each side, to allow for swinging car doors and walking, plus another three or four feet at the bottom, if possible. Even better, a decorative stamped concrete border around it can add extra room and appeal simultaneously.  

Choose Reliable Materials

There are many different options you can utilize to build your driveway, but asphalt and concrete are the best choices. Asphalt offers a fresh black appearance that can be easily maintained with sealcoating and crack filling. Since asphalt is often used to create roads and parking lots, it is certainly a durable material that can endure the traffic of your cars each day. Concrete is another excellent option that even offers the aesthetically pleasing options of stamped concrete. This versatile material can be stamped to look like real brick, stone, or any other material you desire.

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