Everything You Never Knew about Leaf Removal

Everything You Never Knew about Leaf Removal

Everything You Never Knew about Leaf Removal

No icon is more universally recognized as a sign of autumn than beautiful orange and red leaves falling to the ground. As much as we love this part of the season, those big piles of leaves unfortunately threaten the health of your lawn. Many homeowners find that they don’t have the time or ability to rake all of their leaves each fall, especially since it’s a process that usually needs more than one session to be effective. If you find yourself in this boat, it’s best to find a maintenance company that offers leaf removal services.

Leaves Cause Damage

A heavy blanket of leaves on your yard has the same effect as a heavy blanket. The leaves will deprive your grass of the sunlight in needs to stay healthy during the autumn months, which will weaken the root system and ultimately kill the grass. If this wasn’t enough of a reason to remove your leaves promptly, rain storms turn leaf piles into heavy, wet accumulations that attract pests and even encourage mold to grow. The last thing you want to do is ruin your lawn before the next season has even arrived, so plan for leaf removal sooner rather than later.

You Can Keep Mowing

Due to the nutrients in leaves, mulched leaves actually make a create fertilizer for the grass, so in a pinch you can mow your lawn with the leaves still there and let the leaves serve as mulch. Just stay away from mulching against trees since the mulch might attract pests and insects that could kill or damage your trees. Mowing until the first frost is also an important measure to ensure strong, healthy grass come springtime.

Check Your Drains

If your yard is located near a storm drain, it’s also important to check the drain regularly to make sure leaves have not clumped up and accumulated, as piles of wet leaves can prevent heavy rains from draining properly. Chances are, if the storm drains can’t do their job, the water will end up flooding your yard instead. Prevention is the best way to go!