How Patio Pavers Can Improve the Look of Your Home

How Patio Pavers Can Improve the Look of Your Home

How Patio Pavers Can Improve the Look of Your Home

It’s not just your landscaping and home design that influence your curb appeal; it’s your patio and driveway as well! Using beautiful, sophisticated, and durable paver materials is an easy way to instantly boost the aesthetic of your property. If you’re contemplating which pavers you should use to improve the look of your home, consider these excellent options. 

Flagstone with Ground Cover

If you’re looking for patio pavers that make a statement while retaining a classic and natural look, you could opt for flagstone. Flagstone is a flat slab of stone that is rectangular or square. Since it’s natural rock, the color will always vary slightly from piece to piece, lending the patio a unique appearance. Also, as a natural cut stone, flagstone pieces cannot fit perfectly together like other paver options, so ground cover like moss can be used to fill the gaps between each piece. 

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete provides all of the affordability and durability of regular concrete but provides a stamped pattern, so the concrete can look and feel exactly like the natural stone of your choice. It’s about half the cost of real stone and comes in just about any pattern and stain color you can imagine. Better yet, the installation is simple and fast, so you can enjoy the final product without delay. 

Decorative Border

Asphalt and concrete driveways alike can take on entirely new appearances with this idea. Select a border design, color, and style that compliment your home and landscape and use stamped concrete or pavers to create a border around your existing driveway. This is an excellent way to enhance your driveway without having to tear out and install too much. A border adds character to your entire curb appeal, provides a splash of color, and offers a defining separation between your driveway and your landscaping or lawn. 

Blend Pavers and Groundcover

Looking for something different than standard asphalt or concrete? You could depart from the typical driveway materials by staggering oversized pavers with small gaps between them, and then filling these gaps with grass, pebbles, or a low maintenance ground cover. This idea will give your home a charming and truly unique style while also contributing an attractive pattern to your driveway space. 

Whichever option you choose, you will love the new, updated look and feel of your home. Jireh Construction is your best source in the Seattle, Washington, area for paver installation. Just call (425) 678-3632 for a free quote. With the help of the experts at Jireh Construction, you can improve the appearance and function of your driveway for years to come.