How to Maintain Your Development’s Private Roads

How to Maintain Your Development's Private Roads

How to Maintain Your Development’s Private Roads

Millions of Americans live in neighborhoods and communities that are linked together by private roads. The condition of those roads is just as important as the condition of each homeowner’s driveway. Just like a driveway with cracked, stained, and faded asphalt has a negative impact on a home’s overall curb appeal, private roads with potholes, faded paint, and broken asphalt can diminish the appeal of an entire neighborhood. Preventative maintenance is the best method to ensure that your own development’s private roads always offer optimal function and aesthetic appeal.


Striping is the act of painting lines, letters, or symbols on roadways in order to properly communicate with drivers. Since paint fades away over time, regular striping maintenance ensures that all important markings are always clearly displayed. This includes middle lines, side lines, fire lanes, public parking spots, pedestrian crosswalks, and more.


Sealcoating is another essential component of asphalt maintenance. Asphalt endures an immense amount of stress on a regular basis, from heavy vehicle traffic and oil spills to harsh sun exposure, precipitation, and chemicals. Sealcoating uses an asphalt emulsion spray to freshly seal private roads, restore their dark black color, and improve their structural integrity. Investing in sealcoating for private roads every few years helps to prevent the need for major and expensive repairs.

Crack Filling

Crack filling is vital to extending the life and durability of any asphalt surface. The majority of asphalt cracks form during the winter when precipitation repeatedly freezes and thaws. A crack might look small and harmless, but it actually allows moisture to penetrate into the asphalt and expand the crack until it becomes a major problem. Since cracks easily turn into pot holes or become filled with dirt, debris, and weeds, filling them must remain a priority.

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