Monthly Maintenance For Your Driveway

Simple Monthly Maintenance Will Keep Your Driveway in Top Form

Simple Monthly Maintenance Will Keep Your Driveway in Top Form

Whether you have a concrete or asphalt driveway, it is the entrance to your home and the first part of your property that visitors and neighbors see when they arrive. This means that your driveway sets the tone of your home and offers an important first impression. These maintenance tips are simple and quick, but they will effectively help you keep your driveway looking as attractive and well-kept as possible.

Don’t Break These Golden Rules

There are a few important rules that you never want to break in regard to a driveway. Eliminating these bad habits will immediately extend the life of a driveway and prevent unnecessary damage. First, don’t let stains sit on the driveway, but clean them up immediately for the best results. Second, never use deicing chemicals. This can be tricky in a state like Washington, but there are other methods besides chemicals that can keep your driveway safe in the winter. Similarly, snow plows should never be used on a driveway, and you want to avoid heavy traffic like moving vans and construction equipment.

TLC For Your Asphalt Driveway

Once a week, use a basic garden hose to rinse your driveway off. This removes dirt and debris and makes it easier to complete an inspection of any cracks or problems. If a spill occurs, remove the excess with rags, rinse the driveway with hose water, and utilize detergent or a degreaser and brush if necessary. Once every few years, pay to have a company like Jireh Asphalt and Construction complete sealcoating on your driveway. Sealcoating covers old, damaged asphalt with a new asphalt emulsion spray. Freshly sealed asphalt boasts a restored, dark black color and improved structural integrity.

Your driveway is one of many investments of your home, so you want to treat it with care. The team at Jireh Asphalt and Construction offers all of the services you need to make this possible, like sealcoating, crack filling, patching, grading, and installation. Give them a call at (425) 678-2632 to have your questions answered, and schedule a service appointment to make the changes needed to your driveway.