15 May

What You Need to Know About Sealing Your Driveway

What You Need to Know About Sealing Your Driveway

Have you heard that you should be sealing your driveway to prevent damage and make it last longer? While it is true that sealing some driveways is important, not all driveways need to be sealed. It depends on what type of driveway you have and the quality of material used. Here’s what you need to know to make a decision about whether or not to seal your driveway.

What You Need to Know About Sealing Your Driveway

Quality of Asphalt

If you have any type of asphalt driveway, you will need to have it sealed. How often it should be sealed and how important it is to do depends on the quality of your asphalt. The quality used in most residential driveway applications is on the lower end, which means that it may need to be sealed every year. Slightly higher end asphalt may allow you to seal only every other year or every three years. The higher the quality of asphalt, the less often you have to seal it.

Sealant Schedule

As already mentioned, how often you need to seal your asphalt driveway depends on the quality of the asphalt. However, there are some general recommendations for all residential asphalt driveways. These include sealing every one to three years. Your driveway should get its first coat of sealant no sooner than six months to one year after the asphalt has been laid.

If you are wanting a new asphalt driveway or if you need repair and sealant of your current driveway, contact us today to get started with your estimate.