Now Is the Time to Think about Sealcoating

Now Is the Time to Think about Sealcoating

Now Is the Time to Think about Sealcoating

Your home’s driveway is more than just a path for your cars. It’s a major component of your property’s curb appeal, as well as an important investment. Ignoring the condition of your asphalt driveway and letting it fall into disrepair will only harm your home’s overall image and cost you a significant amount of money when you finally go to make the necessary repairs. Your best choice is to take advantage of summer’s warm weather to complete sealcoating on your driveway.

Why Is Sealcoating Important?

Just like dentists recommend fluoride to remineralizer and strengthen the teeth, a layer of sealcoating can be applied to your driveway to give it extra strength and protection from damaging elements like UV rays, rain, road salt, snow, and vehicle traffic. In this way, sealcoating can prevent the decay of your driveway just like brushing regularly can prevent the decay of your teeth.

The Benefits

Your asphalt driveway endures a great deal of pressure, exposure, and use on a regular basis. Since it is a porous material that easily absorbs chemicals, rain, and other substances, it can become weaker with time and begin to crack, fade, and deteriorate. Sealcoating is a topical layer of new asphalt that creates a protective barrier to minimize and stop this process of damage.

Schedule Your Sealcoating Now

Summer is the best time to complete sealcoating on your driveway for many reasons. First, the warm weather gives the fresh layer of asphalt enough time to cure and harden, which in turn makes it much harder for moisture to permeate your driveway. Summer is also the perfect time to repair winter damages and strengthen your asphalt surface for the upcoming winter. Preventative measures will help save you from much higher repair costs in the future.

Don’t ignore the needs of your asphalt and simply hope for the best when winter arrives. Call Jireh Construction at (425) 678-3632 to schedule sealcoating now. The experts at Jireh have been serving the Seattle, Washington area for more than ten years and are committed to providing long-lasting results that will keep your driveway and home looking beautiful for years to come.