Patio Remodel

Patio Remodel

A patio is a modern feature that adds an aesthetic look to homes. It has gained increasing popularity among homes in the West. Statistically, almost 3 out of every 5 houses tend to have patios. There are also common accessories that compliment patios such as fireplaces, in-built barbecue grills, and deck-like flooring. To learn more about the appeal a patio lends to your home, consider the in-depth details shared below regarding a patio remodel:

Patios are constructed using various materials, depending on how the client wishes to design his back or front porch. The designs ultimately determine the materials that are to be used. However, typically the following materials are used in most homes: concrete, flagstone, brick, cobblestone, and terracotta. Patios can take various forms and shapes but they’re mostly designed using a rectangle or square shape. A concrete patio is more commonly installed as a surface patio remodeling is easier to do later on.

There are five basic types of concrete patio remodels for you to take advantage of. These five are:

Trowel finish
Salt finish
Stamped concrete
Stenciled concrete
Broom finish

One of our experts can help you decide which patio remodel type will best meet your needs and preferences.


Patio Remodel
Concrete pavers are a fantastic option, especially when compared to poured concrete patio areas. Paves tend to be more durable and long-lasting, particularly being that concrete slabs usually crack and break, which necessitates patching and lots of maintenance and ongoing costs.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an excellent option because of its affordability and versatility. It comes in just about any color and design you prefer. This type of concrete is generally poured onsite and carries a long list of customization options.

Custom Decks

When you opt for a custom patio deck, you gain the advantage of having outdoor space that specifically meets your needs. Decks can be customized to your exact design and size preferences, and they are easy to blend with any existing home structure. With our unique way of building decks, we can help you save money and increase your home’s value at the same time.

Turf and Grass

Once the patio is remodeled, we can easily help enhance the look of the surrounding area thanks to our premium turf and grass services. Turf and grass add a variety of advantages to your home. Both can be used to reduce runoff, prevent erosion, replenish air, support bioremediation, and so much more.

What Are the Advantages of Remodeling a Patio?

The good times don’t have to be limited to inside. When you stretch your living space outside, you gain access to a whole new world of entertainment possibilities. For entertaining outdoor dinners and celebrations, outdoor kitchen and dining areas are a must-have. A grill and wood-burning stove are both excellent additions to an outdoor concrete patio. As the warm days heat up, you and your family and any guests will love spending time in an outdoor concrete patio space.

Is Patio Remodeling Worth the Investment?

Do you enjoy entertaining others? If so, keep in mind that outdoor living spaces make for a great way to entertain and inspire visitors without breaking the bank. Plus, with an outdoor patio area, you gain the advantage of being able to entertain from home rather than taking guests out to bars and restaurants; this in itself can save thousands of dollars, particularly if you entertain a lot.

According to the experts, a concrete patio remodel can boast a resale value of 76% at a minimum. This makes remodeling a concrete patio just about as valuable as any home renovation project that you can complete.

A patio remodel not only helps you utilize all that extra space in your yard but also enhances the beauty of your home. This in turn adds to your home’s resale value. Patios can be seen as an investment that will continue to provide benefits. They make outdoor furniture look even better and provide a decent, compact area that appears highly furnished.

If you’re looking to raise the standards of home and enhance its beauty, you can give us a call and explore the many options we have available for patios, decks, porches, and much more.
We can construct the best concrete patio that’s long-lasting and durable for you to enjoy and party on!