Reasons to Make Sure You Have a Fall Clean-Up Plan

Fall Clean-Up

Reasons to Make Sure You Have a Fall Clean-Up Plan

Your yard is an important extension of your home, which means that the quality and appearance of your lawn is a direct reflection of your home as well. In order to ensure that your yard positively contributes to the curb appeal of your home and continues to provide an enjoyable space for your family, it’s essential to create and implement a fall clean-up plan.

Improve Curb Appeal and Safety

The autumn weather in Washington brings wet and windy weather, so your fall clean-up plan can tackle debris, rogue branches, gutters, leaves, and more. It’s important to clear away debris like fallen leaves and weeds for many reasons: not only does a lawn free from debris look far more appealing, but it also prevents pests from settling in your grass and garden for the winter. Trimming rogue branches is also important to help your yard look fresh and well cared for. Of course, trimming large and out-of-place branches also provides the perk of preventing dangerous situations during the winter snowfall.  

Keep Your Lawn Healthy Through the Winter

Due to Washington’s chilly winter temperatures, your grass won’t remain vibrantly green all year long, but the proper autumn clean-up plan will help to keep it as healthy as possible during the off-season. First, aerate your lawn by breaking up the soil. This will prevent water from pooling during heavy precipitation and ensure that nutrients reach the roots over the fall and winter. Follow up aeration with a fall lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content. This will encourage root growth so that your lawn unveils itself as lush and green in the spring. Since fallen leaves suffocate the grass and threaten to reverse all of your hard work, be sure to rake them up. You can even shred the leaves and use them as mulch for young trees and plants!

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