Reinvent Your Driveway’s Design

Reinvent Your Driveway's DesignReinvent Your Driveway’s Design


It’s easy to take driveways for granted, but it’s really a vital piece of your property that contributes significantly to curb appeal. While a slab of concrete certainly serves the basic purpose, a bit of imagination can go a long way in helping to create driveways that are not only gets your car from Point A to Point B, but also adds appeal and sophistication to your home.

Blend Into the Landscaping

Picture paving bricks melded together with blue star creeper ground cover plants for a driveway that melts into the surrounding hardscape and landscape. Since the solid brickwork creates an outline for the ground cover plants, the result is a unique yet symmetrical driveway that’s completely original.

Use Geometry

Shapes are all around you, so why not include them in your driveway? Picture a stamped concrete driveway with circles of a contrasting color, or stamped concrete bricks arranged in hexagons. Geometry adds a nice flair to any outdoor surface.

Decorative Stamped Asphalt

Just like stamped concrete, stamped asphalt can also take on nearly any color and appearance. You can enjoy the affordability and flexibility of asphalt but have it look like gorgeous red brick. Take it one step further and engrave your house number into the asphalt.

Mix and Match

Who ever said driveways had to be uniform? Consider concrete as a price saver with stamped asphalt around the perimeter or only near the garage and leading up to the front door. Contrast is a powerful aesthetic tool, and in this case it saves money!


Don’t forget about one very simple element: light! Low voltage pavers can withstand traffic while illuminating your beautiful driveway for everyone to see. Since they are set flush with surrounding pavers, they remain subtly sophisticated. What’s not to love?