Replacing Your Front Steps: What You Need to Know

Replacing Your Front Steps: What You Need to Know

Replacing Your Front Steps: What You Need to Know

Have you looked closely at your concrete front steps recently? When you do, you may find that they are in desperate need of replacement. Though concrete is an impressively strong and durable material, concrete steps can’t last forever. This guide to replacing your front steps will help you preserve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Why Do Concrete Stairs Break?

Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates. When applied to make front steps, it is essential that the excess water has time to evaporate out of the concrete. This allows the concrete to cure, which increases its strength and durability and earns concrete its reputation for being resilient and efficient. If your concrete stairs were not installed properly, or if they are very old, chances are that water has soaked into the material, frozen throughout the winter, and caused chips and breaks. These chips and breaks tend to accumulate quickly and lead to dangerous and unattractive results.

How to on Replacing Your Front Steps

There are many DIY videos and guides that can walk you through the process of replacing your front steps, but unless you have an impressive supply of tools and construction know-how, front step replacement is a process best left to the experts. Hiring a company like Jireh Construction from Seattle, Washington will give professionals the opportunity to assess the damage to your front steps and evaluate the best solution. It might be possible to simply repair and resurface your steps if the damage isn’t too extensive, or a full replacement might be necessary.  

Don’t Forget!

As you complete the repair or replacement of your front steps, don’t forget to consider other details such as railings and permits. Railings can range from simple to elaborate to ornate. It’s all about your taste and price range. Any building permits required will also range by location. If you work with a professional company, this is a headache that you won’t have to worry about alone.

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