Sealcoating in Seattle, Washington and Beyond

SealcoatingAsphalt is one of the world’s favorite pavement materials because it is attractive and durable, but like any other construction tool, asphalt requires maintenance to remain in its best condition. Jireh Construction provides this maintenance by offering sealcoating services around the greater Seattle, Washington area.

What is Sealcoating?

Asphalt endures everything that travelers and Mother Nature have to offer, from heavy rain and oil spills to constant traffic and sun exposure. These many different elements cause asphalt to deteriorate and fade over the years. Sealcoating by Jireh Construction helps asphalt look and function like new again by covering the old asphalt with a new asphalt emulsion spray. Freshly sealed asphalt boasts a restored dark black color and improved structural integrity.

Before and After

It is important to note that it is a cosmetic process meant to improve the appearance of worn, aged asphalt. This means that before sealcoating begins, all cracks running through the asphalt must be individually patched and sealed by Jireh Construction experts. This involves pouring a filling into significant cracks of ½” in width or more.

After the process has been completed, it is best to wait at least two to three days before driving on the asphalt surface again. A 72-hour cure time ensures that it can properly dry, which prevents scuffing and tracking into adjoining areas. In the case of unexpected rain, curing might take even longer.

Frequency of Sealcoating

Sealcoating should only be used when asphalt begins to look dry and worn. This usually equates to every three to seven years depending on traffic volume and exposure to the elements. By applying sealcoat as soon as asphalt shows signs of deterioration, you can extend the service life of your asphalt and reduce maintenance costs in the future. Sealing is incredibly valuable because it protects asphalt from water, sunlight, gasoline, oil, oxidation, heavy traffic. However, sealcoating should not be overutilized, as a buildup of sealcoat on a fresh surface can become too slick.

You can trust Jireh Construction to professionally apply sealcoating to your commercial or residential property in order to extend the life of your asphalt for years to come. Call us today to learn more!

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