Seattle, Washington

Asphalt, Sealcoating and Concrete Services in Seattle

Jireh Construction is a trusted, local, family-owned asphalt and concrete business serving the needs of the greater Seattle area. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, we are here to provide residential and commercial clients with superior asphalt, concrete, and seal coating services.

We accommodate jobs ranging in size from small residential to large commercial properties. Regardless of the type of job, we seek to provide the best quality combined with the best price available. Call us for a quote to discover why we’ve been trusted with so many residential and commercial projects across the greater Seattle region.

About Asphalt
Asphalt is an affordable and flexible material for driveways, parking lots, and private roads. It’s easy to repair in the case of damages, and asphalt’s ability to flex makes it a great choice in northern states that experience extreme temperature fluctuations. Many people prefer the coherent black appearance of asphalt for their outdoor surfaces.

About Concrete
Concrete is an extremely popular choice for driveways and sidewalks because of its durability and low-maintenance structure. Stamped concrete, the process of imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete, offers the beauty and elegance of natural stone without the added cost.

About Sealcoating
Sealcoating asphalt provides a fresh new layer to revive the appearance and durability of existing asphalt. This process also protects pavement from the destructive nature of weather, gas, oil, antifreeze, and other potential problems. Depending on the amount of traffic, asphalt should be sealed every one to three years.

Jireh Construction in Seattle has been voted a top rated, screened, and approved elite service from Home Advisor in the Seattle area. We pride ourselves on prompt, efficient, high quality service that leaves nothing but a beautiful and sturdy outdoor surface.

Call or contact us today to find out how we can transform the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property in the Seattle area!