Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?


Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?

In the new world of Do-It-Yourselfers watching YouTube videos and seemingly getting great results, it’s easy to question whether or not you really need to hire a paving contractor for your driveway or parking lot. But going DIY has a lot of potential for disaster, and hiring a contractor comes with certain protections. Here’s why you should hire a paving contractor instead of doing it yourself.

Should You Hire a Paving Contractor or DIY?

Mistakes can be costly.

If you make a mistake in pouring concrete, setting pavers, or laying asphalt, it could be pretty expensive to repair. In fact, you could have to start over, paying not only for your installation but a professional one as well. If a paving contractor does the job and a mistake is made, our work is guaranteed.

Liability and damage

Let’s face it. A lot can go wrong when you’re doing something for the first time involving power tools. If you do the work yourself and get hurt, you’re going to have to rely on your homeowner’s policy or personal injury policy to cover your medical bills. A contractor should be licensed and have their own liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance or an appropriate surety bond. If something is damaged or someone gets injured, their coverage pays for it.

Work done right the first time

You can watch a lot of YouTube videos, but the bottom line is that the people making those videos are trying to sell people on hiring them to do the job. That means they aren’t going to show you everything. Each video will show a bit different, but you can never be sure you have seen the complete picture. Without the right know-how and tools, the work is probably going to have to be redone.

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