Commercial Striping Services in Seattle, WashingtonStriping Lines

The weather doesn’t go easy on towns in the Seattle, Washington area, which means that commercial parking lots need regular maintenance to maintain clear, sharp, and organized striping. Jireh Construction offers professional services for commercial venues everywhere from Everett, Kirkland, and Redmond to Woodinville and Seattle, Washington.

What is Striping?

Parking lot striping is another term for the parking lot painting that creates parking lines, driving arrows, and other important messages on pavement. Without striping, parking lots become disorganized and dangerous, so regular maintenance is critical for safety and appearance.

Important Considerations

The traffic and weather that your parking lot endures will determine how frequently it needs to be re-striped, but the general recommendation is every two to four years. The experts at Jireh Construction have more than a decade of experience using commercial-grade products to craft attractive, durable, and professional finishes.

The most common needs for parking lots include parking lines, fire lanes, pedestrian crosswalks, and No Parking indications. However, Jireh Construction offers stenciling in white, yellow, red, and blue for just about every purpose, from painting “Compact” or “Reserved” in a parking space to creating a custom message like “Deli Parking Only.” You can trust us to use high-quality solvent-based traffic paints for the longest-lasting results.

Don’t Wait Until It’s a Problem

Given the critical role that paint lines play in your parking lot, you don’t want to wait until you have a problem to begin maintenance. You can trust Jireh Construction with the maintenance of your parking lot striping every two to four years to keep it in top condition. Call us today to learn more!

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