The Best Driveway Accessories

The Best Driveway Accessories

The Best Driveway Accessories

Your driveway sets the tone for your entire house. It’s like the red carpet leading up to the main event, and an attractive or unattractive driveway can powerfully impact your home’s overall curb appeal. The first step, of course, is determining whether to use asphalt, concrete, brick, stone or another material based on your budget and vision. Once it is set, however, there are a number of other decorative techniques you can use to further enhance your driveway’s appeal.

The Garden

If you have the room, create a garden-like effect lining both sides, like a beautiful, green, flowering wall. Your driveway is definitely a functional piece of your property, but that doesn’t mean you can’t soften its look with hydrangeas and small trees.

The Centerpiece

There is something about a circular driveway with a gorgeous centerpiece that helps a home look so much wealthier and sophisticated. Though not all properties and home styles are made for this type of design, a round design creates a stunning appearance. A centerpiece in the round section serves to break up the large area and create a more defined shape, but it also offers you with a space to get completely creative. You can landscape your centerpiece, add a fountain, install lights, and so much more.

Rows of Small Hedges

Who doesn’t love the look of a bonsai plant? Well imagine lining both sides with small trimmed hedges that culminate in two identical bonsai trees. This look is beautifully complemented by stamped concrete pavers that look exactly like stone to achieve a sophisticated result without a large budget.

Other ideas include staggered lights, grass strips in between pieces of pavers, and interlocking grass and concrete. There are so many ways to set your driveway apart and truly enhance the appearance of your home.