Three Eye-catching Ideas for Your Driveway Design

Three Eye-catching Ideas for Your Driveway Design

Three Eye-catching Ideas for Your Driveway Design

Your driveway has the potential to serve as a key element of your home’s curb appeal, and by taking advantage of the many different concrete and asphalt designs that are available, you can transform your driveway from plain to unforgettable. These ideas will get your creative juices flowing and help you decide which driveway design is right for you.

Go With a Theme

Your driveway should match the tone of your home. You might live in a contemporary home with crisp, straight lines, a colonial home that is reminiscent of early America, or even an old world home that incorporates Victorian, Mediterranean, or Roman styles from centuries ago. Select geometric paving stones that match that theme. A contemporary home will look best with a simple stone pattern, while a colonial home will match perfectly with pavers that resemble clay bricks. For any old world homes, stick with a style that is less formal. You could even use a motif to greet visitors at the bottom of your driveway, like a decorative tree or the first letter of your last name.

Use Colored Concrete

Who ever said concrete could only be white and gray? Decorative concrete driveways can meet the needs of nearly every color palette. Stains, color hardeners, integral coloring admixtures, and other techniques all allow you to create a custom color scheme that complements your home. Earth-toned concrete like brown, tan, and sandy beige is very popular since they blend with landscaping and complement home exteriors. The darker tones also hide unattractive marks like tire tracks and stains. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a bright border, decorative medallion, or artistic finish for a bold statement.

Stamped Designs for an Affordable Sophistication

Stamped concrete is a homeowner’s best friend. It is affordable, durable, and attractive while making your driveway look incredibly sophisticated and expensive. You can select stamped concrete that looks like nearly any other natural stone imaginable. Slate, marble, brick, you name it, concrete offers it. A concrete company can help you evaluate your options so that you can transform your driveway as soon as possible.