Transform Your Walkways with Custom Concrete Work

Transform Your Walkways with Custom Concrete Work

One of the most simple and unique ways that you can beautify your home is through custom concrete work. You can have custom concrete walkways, a driveway, or patios. There are several different ways that we can help you add unique beauty and symmetry to your home’s outdoor spaces.

Transform Your Walkways with Custom Concrete Work

Decorated Concrete

Stamped or stenciled concrete is one way that you can add patterns and unique symbols to your walkways. With stamped concrete walkways, the concrete is stamped with a pattern before it is fully dried. With stenciled concrete, designs are stenciled into the concrete while it is still wet. Both methods are great if you want a specific design for your walkways.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

An exposed aggregate finish can be very decorative on your walkways, but it also serves another purpose. The pebbly finish of these walkways are slip resistant, so you are less likely to have slip and fall accidents during bad weather. This is a great option for families and the elderly because it adds another layer of protection to your home.

Scoring and Saw Cutting

Patterns and unique lines can be drawn into the concrete walkways of your home with scoring or saw cutting dry or almost dry concrete. This can often give you smoother lines in your concrete designs, but it takes a master craftsman. You can also have concrete pavers created that already have the lines cut into the pavers.

If you are interested in new walkways for your home and want beautiful custom concrete work, contact us today for more information.