What is Asphalt Stabilization?

Asphalt StabilizationYou can’t just dump fresh asphalt on the ground and expect it to level itself out into a durable and smooth surface. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into laying an asphalt surface before even one drop is poured. One of the most important steps is asphalt stabilization.

Asphalt stabilization is the process of preparing the ground to be topped with an asphalt surface. Asphalt stabilization falls into two main categories – physical and chemical.

Physical Stabilization

Physical asphalt stabilization is done at every site we work on before laying asphalt. Physical stabilization involves breaking up any existing asphalt or other obstructive materials, shaking the soil down so it can settle, and then compacting the surface so that it doesn’t settle more once the asphalt is laid. Asphalt contractors use a variety of tools and equipment to achieve physical stabilization such as compactors/rollers, jackhammers, sweepers, and more.

Chemical Stabilization

Not all sites will require chemical stabilization, which involves adding chemicals to the ground to make it more suitable for laying asphalt. Common chemical additives for asphalt sites include lime and cement. These additives ensure that the site is strong enough to support the weight of the asphalt surface and a constant stream of traffic.

Consequences of Skipping Stabilization

If you know that the ground you intend to lay an asphalt surface on is level, you may be tempted to just go ahead and pour the asphalt without bothering with the hassle of stabilization. Don’t do it! Skipping asphalt site stabilization is a rookie mistake that will inevitably lead to:

  • Cracks
  • Depressions
  • Unlevel surfaces
  • Potholes
  • Erosion

We frequently get calls from property owners who tried the DIY route or hired an inexpensive company to pour their asphalt, only to realize too late that skipping stabilization has left them with an unusable asphalt surface. The only remedy, once the asphalt is poured, is to completely break it down and replace it, costing the property owner thousands in unexpected costs.

Professional Asphalt Services in the Seattle Area

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