What you need to know about Concrete Pavers 

Concrete pavers are some of the most common building materials used to pave your patios, driveways, and walkways. Others might have referred to them as cement pavers, but this description is misleading because they’re made of more than cement. Concrete pavers include cement, aggregate, sand, and other additives.

Usually, these pavers are made by mixing these elements. The wet mix then gets poured into molds of a wide range of shapes and sizes. Afterward, the mix is vibrated and compressed before it is left to cure. When a professional company like Jireh Construction installs these pavers on your property, they’ll boost the aesthetics. Moreover, they can withstand at least 8,000 lbs. per square inch of pressure.

Whenever you want us to make concrete pavers installations, we source them from reputable manufacturers. We must ensure they meet high-quality standards. That way, you’ll have a durable and uniform walkway or driveway. Sometimes, we’ll even install concrete pavers that have a lifetime warranty.

Why Do You Need Concrete Pavers?

Jireh Construction experts often advise homeowners to install concrete pavers on their properties. Here are some of the main reasons we recommend this installation.

  • We install them in a variety of shapes and patterns
  • They are sturdier than poured concrete
  • We can replace individual pavers. Therefore, when one gets damaged, we don’t have to redo the entire driveway
  • They have no curing time and also have better traction when wet

You can easily see why these pavers are more suitable than poured concrete. 

Concrete Pavers Design

Homeowners are mostly curious about the design of concrete pavers before installation. Many people try to compare them to stone pavers because they are popular. You must know that concrete pavers match the prestige of clay brick pavers. However, they’re more durable

Moreover, these pavers feature a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. We also recommend them to most people because they suit a majority of home designs. Additionally, they have a uniform appearance. We usually arrange them in an order that suits your outdoors.

Installation Process

You need to call experts if you want concrete pavers in your home. We have the skills and experience to handle these installations, regardless of the area. Normally, we follow a specific process to guarantee a durable and uniform appearance.

We begin by excavating any grass and soil on your driveway or walkway. We’ll also remove any existing paving on the construction site. Next, we lay a gravel base and ensure to compact it thoroughly. We then put another layer of sand above it.

The basic ratio is 1-inch sand over 4 to 6 inches of gravel. However, if your driveway will have heavy vehicles passing by, the ratio is 1-inch of sand over 10 to 12 inches of gravel. Most importantly, we must ensure the base has a slight slope to allow water runoff.

After preparing the base, we’ll install the edging along the sides of the walkway or driveway. The edging helps contain the pavers and hold them together. Installing the pavers is pretty straightforward. We just set them in place and ensure they’re fitted tightly together.

If some don’t fit tightly in the corners and edges, we use a masonry saw to fix that. We have to ensure that the pavers have some pattern. You don’t want the pavers on your driveway following a straight line. That would affect your property’s aesthetics negatively.

Besides, an interlocking pattern ensures that pavers hold together tightly. That notwithstanding, it makes the surface sturdier. Some of the common styles we use are herringbone and staggered brick walls

We now compact the whole surface when we ensure all the pavers are in place. We accomplish this through a motorized plate compactor. The process ensures that all the pavers get set into the sand layer.

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