What’s Best for Your Commercial Property?

Asphalt or Concrete? What’s Best for Your Commercial Property?

If you need a new parking lot for your commercial property, you have a lot of things to consider. You may need to expand the size of your parking lot, or you may need to add some additional parking lot features. One of the things you’ll need to decide is whether to have a concrete or asphalt parking lot installed. Here are the pros and cons of both.

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Asphalt is the most popular choice for commercial parking. This is because asphalt is very durable and is designed to hold up against heavy traffic. That’s why this is the preferred option for most roadways as well.

Asphalt parking lots have a bit of a maintenance cost because they have to be sealed a year after installation and about every three years after that. However, it is not as likely to become damaged. And if it does become damaged, it is very easy to repair aesthetically and functionally. 

Your asphalt parking lot will be installed faster, too. Asphalt doesn’t rely on perfect weather or other conditions for it to set up. Each layer of the process can be done right after the other, without waiting for things to set up. Once it is firm, it can be driven on.


Concrete might seem more straightforward than asphalt, especially since it doesn’t require as many steps on the surface. But in reality, concrete requires more steps than you might think. In addition, more materials are needed, including metal rebar for enforcement. Concrete parking lots can be more expensive to install, although they can be cheaper to maintain. 

If you are interested in a new parking lot, either asphalt or concrete, contact us today.