Why Is Asphalt Temperature so Important?

Asphalt TemperatureWhy Is Asphalt Temperature so Important?

There’s a reason you don’t see contractors paving asphalt surfaces in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can cause the asphalt mixture to improperly cool and harden, leaving:

  • Weak spots
  • Consistency issues
  • Water infiltration
  • Rough surfaces

This ultimately leads to having to replace asphalt much sooner than expected, which can add a serious financial strain on a new homeowner or business. That’s why it is so important to get the temperature right when mixing, pouring, and smoothing out asphalt surfaces.

However, it’s not just about the outside ambient temperature. There are three different temperatures that asphalt contractors must be aware of to ensure the best asphalt application possible:

  • Mixture Temperature

Asphalt is usually mixed off-site and delivered to the worksite in a special vehicle that keeps the mixture hot and constantly rotating. Asphalt mixture must remain at least 185°F or above when pouring so that it spreads and compacts properly. Allowing the mixture to sit stagnant too long allows it to cool and sediments drop to the bottom.

  • Ambient Temperature

The ideal ambient temperature for pouring new asphalt is 50°F to 85°F. The temperature must also stay at least 50°F for several days afterward in order for the asphalt to properly dry and cure. High winds are another factor to consider, as they can cool newly laid asphalt too quickly and result in density issues.

  • Ground Temperature

The ground temperature is often overlooked by amateur or inexperienced asphalt contractors. Just like the ambient temperature, the ground temperature must be at least 50°F for asphalt to lay properly and not develop weak pockets that allow water to get in. Waiting until the ground temperature reaches 50°F for at least one week and is predicted to stay over 50°F for an additional week is recommended.

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