Why is the Temperature of Asphalt Important?

Temperature of AsphaltPicking the right time of year to lay a new asphalt surface is important, especially in areas like Seattle that experience harsh winters. 

So, when is the best time of year to lay asphalt? Well, it all depends on the temperature – and not just outside.  There are three different temperatures that play a role in laying the perfect asphalt surface:

  • Ambient 

The ideal ambient temperature for laying a new asphalt surface is above 50°F, but not higher than 90°F. It is also preferable for it to be rising during the asphalt installation versus falling. If it falls too low, the asphalt mix will cool too quickly, affecting the end result.

  • Ground 

Many asphalt installers forget about the role that ground temperature plays in a successful asphalt installation. It should also be at least 50°F for the best results when installing asphalt. Since the ambient temperature warms up faster than the ground, checking the ground  before installation is crucial. Just like with ambient if the ground temperature is too low, the asphalt will cool too quickly and its entire structural integrity could be compromised.

  • Mix 

The last that plays a role in successful asphalt installation is the temperature of the asphalt mix itself. As mentioned above, the asphalt mix must cool slowly to allow the structure of the asphalt to completely bind, creating the durable surface expected. When using hot asphalt, the mix should not fall below 185°F while laying to prevent compaction issues.

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