Why Seal Coating Asphalt is Essential

SealCoating AsphaltWhy Seal Coating Asphalt is Essential

The rationale for seal coating your asphalt driveway, roadway, or parking lot is simple…it saves you money! Proper asphalt maintenance requires it to be resealed at least every 4-5 years and more often if needed. This ensures you will continue enjoying your asphalt’s many benefits for as long as possible. A few of the reasons for seal coating your asphalt surface on the recommended schedule is:

  • Seal coating saves you money.

Asphalt is revered for its lower cost and long lifespan, but that lifespan can be shortened significantly without proper care. Seal coating provides moisture and UV protection along with filling in any small surface cracks that develop. In comparison with replacing broken or cracked chunks of asphalt, seal coating is a much less expensive option. Seal coating on the recommended schedule will make sure your asphalt surface stays in great shape as long as possible.

  • Seal coating preserves the asphalt’s appearance.

As mentioned before, seal coating asphalt protects the surface from moisture and UV penetration as well as fills in any small surface cracks, strengthening the asphalt and promoting longevity. Seal coating also leaves the asphalt with a deeper black color than before treatment, giving the appearance of a newer surface.

  • Seal coating accelerates the melting of snow and ice.

Since seal coating asphalt renews the dark black color, it also improves the asphalt’s snow and ice melting abilities by allowing more heat to be retained under the surface. This is especially beneficial in the frigid Seattle winters, where small areas of asphalt may not even require salting for ice prevention.

  • Seal coating protects vehicle tires.

Seal coating asphalt leaves a smooth, shiny surface with less rough, jagged areas to wear and tear on your vehicle tires. The heat retained in the asphalt can also help prevent vehicle tires from becoming damaged due to extreme cold. The snow tires required to navigate Washington’s rugged terrain are quite pricey, so anything you can do to preserve your tire’s life is just like money in your pocket.

When it’s time to seal coat your asphalt driveway, roadway, or parking area, don’t trust just anyone with your investment. Call Seattle’s premier asphalt contractor, Jireh Asphalt & Concrete, at (425) 678-3632 for a free quote and expert advice on your project.